Ben Rama



Ben Rama is an award-winning electronic music producer from the east coast of Canada. Since his debut in 2010, Ben has been steadily garnering a reputation as a world-class producer, remixer and live act. His unique style of hypnotic progressive is a product of Ben’s interest in many genres including techno, progressive trance and break beat – always delivered with the dance floor experience in mind, and with a focus on creating captivating melodic structures.

Ben is also the owner and acting manager of @Techgnosis-Records, an underground electronic music record label he founded in 2015. With over 3 dozen releases under it’s belt, and a fast-growing roster of international talent, Techgnosis has been gaining some serious traction.

He has released on acclaimed labels such as Zenon Records, Digital Structures, DMT Records, Bassic Records, Recovery Collective, Digital Diamonds and many more.