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    Every Team has its own list of Duties and Responsibilities that will be given to you once you are assigned to a team. These are the requirements and expectations that we have for ALL of our volunteers across every department.

    – We expect all of our Volunteers to be checked in for their shift 15 mins prior to their assigned time, dressed and with proper hygiene.
    – You must have a charged cell phone with you (can charge for free at the info booth) and have the Initlive app installed prior to arriving on site and be familiar with your scheduled shifts.
    – You must be sober and of sound mind while on shift.
    – You MUST check in and check out for each shift at Info Booth or risk forfeiting your Future Pass.
    – Info Booth will direct you to where your Team Lead is.

    Time commitment
    All Volunteers are required to fulfill a 16hr work commitment. This will be broken up into 2 8hr shifts with breaks and food provided.

    Have been replaced by the Future Pass System! if your a member you can apply to Volunteer through the Get Involved Tab at the top of the page once out applications go live!

    If part of Medical, Transportation, Future Eats, Stages, Set up and Take down, Forestry and Anything Goes Copies of Licences, Certificates, Education and Training will need to be copied and sent in to HR.

    Any Questions? Feel free to post below!


    There are so many reasons to join us in the Forest!!

    Not only are you our personal heroes for donating your time to our cause and will officially be joining our Future Family; but you also get to meet some really awesome people! If that’s not enough to entice you, we will also throw in a Volunteer Swag Kit, early entry, prime parking and first pick of campsites!

    And because we want to keep you happy and going during your shift, we do provide a meal to you for each shift, and have unlimited water sources around the site to keep you hydrated! To keep you safe as well, we will have a basic Medical Team on-site, and all your needed supplies for your department will be provided. But remember! you alone are ultimately responsible for your personal well being. Stay Hydrated, Get enough sleep and Make safe decisions. If you are uncomfortable doing any tasks or if you require any materials to ensure your safety please talk to your assigned Team Lead 🙂

    Hope that cleared it up for you! and since I know you’ll be looking for it, once our applications go live you will be able to find them under the Get Involved tab at the top of the page! 🙂

    See you in the Forest!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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