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    HEY FUTURE FOREST! Awesome Idea including a forum here on the site!

    I thought I would post a short description about a workshop I would like to do at FF2017 to see what you all think?

    “Join electronic music producer and instructor, Aaron Klingbeil (, for an hour long lecture and demonstration about production WORK-FLOW. Klingbeil will spend the majority of this lecture describing common challenges new and experienced producers face during the composition process, then offer solutions that ultimately will lead to finished tracks.

    Using Ableton Live as his production tool of choice, Aaron will demonstrate his own production workflow by creating the beginning of a remix from music chosen by the audience. These and other tools taught by Aaron Klingbeil are the corner-stone of his lessons as an instructor of Electronic Music Production at Long & McQuade and online at”

    I can’t wait for Future Forest season! <3

    Tim Kukula avatarTim Kukula

    yessss this sounds amazing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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