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    Role Description:
    Safety is your #1 Concern:

    The role of Safety and Parking is to Protect the people and the property of Future Forest and the Local Camps.
    Additional Details:
    Duties include : Being a Positive representative of the Festival!

    – Being Respectful, Honest, Friendly, Helpful and Considerate
    – Consuming NO alcohol before, during or on shift
    – You must be SOBER on shift!

    In order to accomplish an incident free event PREVENTION is our biggest asset. Ways to prevent incidents including:
    – NO Glass bottles (vehicles searched upon entry, exception for headliner requirements)
    – Guests must be 18 years of age or older (Or with parent)
    – No weapons – axes, sharp knives larger than 3 inches, bats etc
    – No illegal drugs
    – Safety must monitor water areas at all times
    – Re-entry fee for anyone who is driving out of Future Forest to discourage drinking and driving
    – Stop every vehicle as they are leaving festival warn them of police presence on road and if they are intoxicated not to drive
    – If someone leaving is obviously intoxicated call RCMP and your Manager, Security, and Tim
    – No driving inside campground after dark (if someone needs to leave they must get safety to escort them out)
    – No entry into roadway past Mushroom Forest stage after Friday at 9pm (fill this part of festival parking first. Exception for vendors, artists and authorized staff)
    – No Parking areas – Safety is responsible to make sure cars are not parking in no parking zones or obstructing roadways. If vehicle is found obstructing the road attempt to find owner if unsuccessful contact Kirk & Tim
    – NO Personal fires, fireworks or candles (except staffed fire pits)
    – Checking for people who entered festival without paying (scheduled organized checks done at designated times as per manager)

    *If someone is found without a bracelet contact Tim & Kirk
    – No intoxication – we strongly discourage excessive consumption of alcohol (anyone who is noticeably intoxicated is moved to medical, where security or RCMP will follow up in needed)

    – Regular patrol of south road between mushroom stage and front gate to make sure no one is in restricted area
    – No bad attitudes – if someone is giving you attitude document their location, clothing and vehicle. Make note to your manager and observe
    – Once a section is full, taping off the road and
    directing cars to locations with parking

    Lead : Kirk

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