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    Lead: Dawn
    Role Description:
    GateKeepers of the Forest

    Additional Details:
    Duties include :

    – Welcoming the Guests!
    – Signing in all Volunteers / Artists as they arrive on-site
    – Scanning / Selling Tickets
    – Cash Handling / Balancing
    – Checking for / Issuing Wristbands
    – Checking for / Issuing Parking Passes
    – Enforce and LOG Re-entry fee and note the reason for leaving for
    anyone who is driving out of Future Forest to discourage drinking and
    Driving (also to note WHY people are leaving – this will help us with being able to meet any needs the following year)
    – Assisting Security with Vehicle searches as required
    – Watch for trespassers
    – Keeping the Garbage / Recycling maintained in area
    – Ensuring your work space is Organized
    – Ensure Radio is changed and on the correct channel
    – Answering General Questions
    – Ensuring all important information is relayed to Team Lead or to Ops

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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