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    Role Description:
    Care, Comfort & Positivity Crew! Harm Reduction Focused

    Duties include
    – Greeting guests
    – Handing out maps, set lists, and providing information to all our guests!
    – Help with Directions and General Info
    – Communicating Harm Reduction Messages
    – Working with the Tea Hive / Medical / Consent Kitties
    – Check in with people sitting off to the side or alone
    – Offer water or just someone to talk to
    – Eyes and ears for any medical issues or if anyone is in distress (Contact Lead Medic / Security or Emergency Phone)
    – Ensuring Front gate gets food/water/supplies/and charged radio batteries as needed
    – Helping the Green Team educate about the Leave no Trace Mantra
    – Checking all water stations for cleanliness and refill as needed
    – Providing Breaks to other volunteers
    – Keep our guests smiling! have fun and keep the Forest Positive!

    Lead : Kirsten


    Heres some great links and resources for you to read leading up to the event 🙂

    Ankors Drug Info and Harm Reduction Tips

    Zendo Project at Burning Man: Harm Reduction Training Video

    Zendo Project Training Manual

    The Manual of Psychedelic Support (download link available)

    Tea Hive Collective Harm Reduction Workshop Notes

    Lots of love, and see you soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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