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*the “profile picture” uploaded is actually just a quick photo of the setup used to record the demo

Hey y’all 🙂

My name is Eric,
As I am aware that you have alot of applications to read I will make this short and sweet.

I am student in Electricity & Electronics, but to pay the bills I work as a Lights and Sound Technician.
I like to call both of those activities my “insurance” , because in reality my goal in life is to make music and push the boundaries of art.
My weapons of choice lately are MIDI controllers and Drumpads, although I can also DJ using vinyl turntables.
I play the Handpan too (also known as “Hang Drum”).

I was told I should submit an application by a really good friend of mine, Shigero (a.k.a. Eric Major, a friend of Sean Wilson who is apparently the organiser of Future Forest), who is also applying to play at your festival this year.
Together we have put together the Hive stage for Valhalla Sound Circus 2017 and we presently have projects together such as the ongoing construction of a Sound System specifically for bass music. In the past I have also played alongside Aphotik, who has played at FF2017.

My playing style involves 4 decks to juggle between multiple layers of footwork, jungle, bass music, garage & acid house, etc.
Because I am mixing on ableton, my setup offers me the possibility to apply multiple effects in real time to the tunes playing and also experiment with other things such as the sound texture and grain size. Since it is a Liveset, the experimenting possibilities are endless and I play it differently every time.
Next month I will receive my very first microphone which will permit me to add another dimension of sound to the mix with my Handpan . If you are interested, I will be able to put together a more relaxing, trance inducing set once I receive the mic.

After many years spent building my studio little by little, my goal in 2018 is to finally come out and promote my music and I think that Future Forest is the perfect environnent for that.

I sincerely think the crowd will appreciate what I’ve got prepared and I think you will too.

Now have a great day y’all !

Looking forward to collaborate.

a.k.a: Chi Unit

ps. (If y’all are looking for technicians too, let me know 😉 )



Bass, Footwork, Trap